Happy New Year

2016 is here and we are excited! 

AAD is finally past most of the logistical challenges of the past few years [IRS applications, work permits, etc.]. This year we're looking forward to new adventures and learning experiences. 

In 2016, you can expect to see AAD:

1. in stores

2. hiring new young women

3. introducing our nutritional and financial educational programs to our beneficiaries


1. #50DaysofDeals was a great learning experience for us. We were able to test our manufacturing capability with a group of very understanding buyers. We saw which shirts people liked, which shirts they didn't like. We saw how long it took from order to delivery. We experimented with different delivery options. We learned a lot!

We will continue to occasionally sell our shirts online to individuals, but only when Sarah or I are coming back to the states. The rest of the year, AAD will only be sold in retail stores [hopefully near you]. 

2. Sandra is AAD's sole beneficiary and we are so proud of her and her work and where she is headed in life. That's why we can't wait to find new women to work with. This year our goal is to find three young women for Sandra to help train and work alongside.

3. We have been working with financial experts and nutritionists to create comprehensive programming that will assist our beneficiaries in their future job search and life in general. These programs are finalized and ready to be put into action.


Its 8am and the rain has altered every single one of Sandra and my work adventures. So instead of getting stressed and frustrated that 9 times out of 10 a plan will not happen in the way it was imagined, we are going to roll with it and listen to some of our all time favorite rainy day songs.

So, if you need to pretend its a rainy day, or if its actually storming wherever you are, here you go.

*Disclaimer: None of these songs actually relate to rain. They are just the songs we personally gravitate too in the wee hours of the morning and while the thunder cracks outside. 

with love and warm thoughts,

-The AAD Team in Uganda

P.S. If you have an even BETTER rainy day song, or just a song you want us to play in our workshop while we work, send it along to us! We LOVE any reason to dance and sing.

forgot a gift? we can help.

Meg Nelson is in the United States...YAY! [a special blog post will be posted soon about that]

So, if you bought an AAD original be prepared for packages appearing on your porches!

For everyone else that thought about buying a shirt found here, but then life got hectic and it slipped your mind there STILL is an opportunity. We at AAD shipped some extras, so if you still want to buy some of the stock Meg brought with her to the U.S. you still can!

Here is the EXTRA stock: 

Wife Hugger

  • 5 small black
  • 5 medium black
  • 1 large black
  • 6 small royal blue
  • 4 medium royal blue


  • 5 small black
  • 1 medium black
  • 1 large black
  • 1 small cyan blue
  • 1 large cyan blue


  • 1 small black
  • 1 small cyan blue
  • 1 medium cyan blue

Unfortunately, we don't have extra stock of accessories on American soil. I will be traveling to the United States for 1 month in February, so if you would like to purchase an item that we don't have extras of I would  be SO EXCITED to fill my suitcase with 100% Made in Uganda goodies.

So, check out our extra stock and be looking out for 2 new blog posts [1 about Meg's journey and 1 about acquiring skills in regards to shipping packages] <-- I never knew it was a skill either, until living in Uganda.


Claire Tendo goes to Thailand

We, at AAD have mixed feelings about Claire Tendo jetting off on her next big adventure. This women has helped the founder and Country Director navigate Kyembe [the fabric market], has taught our employees how to perfect all the shirt designs, had us selling shirts in her store [Papple Trees], and has always given real advice about our designs and business practice.

We say we have mixed feelings, because she is heading out to do something amazing! Claire Tendo left Monday evening to travel to Thailand to study at the International  Fashion and Design Institute. With this opportunity we know that Claire Tendo will flourish as a designer.

We also are lucky to inform everyone that she will continue to be the secretary on our board in Uganda.

So here are some photos of the lovely Claire in Action [& enjoying cake].

Claire, you have people from Uganda, South Africa, and the United States rooting for you. We cannot wait to see what you accomplish! 

Claire, you have people from Uganda, South Africa, and the United States rooting for you. We cannot wait to see what you accomplish! 

day 50

Todays the day. The LAST day of our #50days50deals campaign. 

Reflecting on our first major campaign we have learned A LOT and we have to admit, we are pretty proud of ourselves.

We are still compiling a list of how many donors we have, products we have made, and money we have raised. When we get the exact numbers we will be sure to let you all know. We do know that we definitely surpassed 50 in total [recurring donations, 1 time donations & products sold]! So, YAY!!

We didn't quite make it to 50 each, but for our first go at being LIVE online and having one employee [our rockstar Sandra] we think we did pretty well.

On the note of our rockstar. Many of you may have noticed Sandra's face in a lot of our pictures. This young women. WOW! We don't even know where to start with our gushing of her.

She not only handmade EVERY SINGLE ITEM, she also modeled every piece, fixed our machine when it decided that it didn't like to work as hard as us, danced and sang with our Country Director every day at work [while discussing life] <--we like to multi-task, and helped our Country Director shop for all of the fabric, thread, buttons, needles, and all the other little things that go into every piece. 

Sandra did all this WHILE attending school. As we have mentioned in a previous post, school is not Sandra's favorite. But, our Country Director [me] is so excited to announce that we are pretty positive Sandra's last year of school is her BEST year of school. Senioritis cannot even dull this lady's drive!

If we at AAD gave out MVP awards it would definitely go to Sandra. While we do give Sandra A LOT of the credit we also cannot forgot to thank all of you! Our donors that have stuck with us since we were just a dream of Megs. Donors that have jumped on board to help our Country Director follow her passion and move to Uganda. To EVERY SINGLE PERSON who bought an item, read our blog, followed us on social media, shared us with friends and family, listened to us rant about bureaucracy, and shared in all our tiny steps that have lead to our big milestones of being a functioning legit international NGO that has product to sell and Ugandan women to hire and aid on following their dreams.

We will end the gushing by leaving this link for all of the last minute items you want to buy: