newsletter alert

This Wednesday we will have a new layout and new information in our newsletter.

Make sure to go to the homepage and sign up, so that you can laugh at videos, read interesting articles in regards to the Uganda election (happening February 18th), and get updates about AAD.

We also will be notifying you of some expenses that are the necessary part of having humans working and living. One of them is Sandra's tuition. She's in the homestretch.

February 29th Sandra will begin her last semester. In this last semester she will do interior design, make fancy party dresses, suits,  wedding attire, casual wear,  and tying it all together in a fashion show in May.

Once we know the specific date of the fashion show we will be sure to notify EVERYONE. We really just can't wait to throw confetti, cheer, and cry with happiness.

Until then though we need to pull 250 dollars together, so that we can make sure she starts school right on time. If you want to donate to Acacia Avenue Designsfor a very specific reason, and that very specific reason is education then click here. Any amount counts. If you know anyone else that would love to put money towards Sandra's last semester just send them this link: