january recap-february goals

1/12th of the year is already done and we wanted to give a heads up to what is happening and what we have accomplished monthly.

Whats happened since the start of 2016:

  • Sarah received her 1 year work permit on December 6 2015. That means Sarah went into the new year without worrying about being deported and no longer has to cry in immigration officials offices.
  • Sarah and Molly completed all the paperwork for the Ugandan Bank account and are just waiting for account numbers. This will make it easier to wire transfer donations from the US directly to Uganda and be able to purchase all the material, pay salaries, pay rent, and begin to expand.
  • Sandra is almost complete with ALL the donor gifts. So any donor reading this, expect mail to land on your doorstep in the week of Feburary 15th.
  • Sandra is all ready to start her last semester of her diploma program. That means in May we have a fashion show to attend and WE ARE SO STOKED. (if anyone wants to fly out to it, we would love the company...we love cheering, laughing, eating cake, and embarrassing Sandra with all our excitement so you are more than welcome to join in the festivities).
  • We've been tagged on instagram from a lovely donor/friend doing yoga in her AAD wife hugger! Keep em' coming! We love receiving pictures and updates.

What to look out for in February:

Bi-monthly newsletters.

A volunteer has put together a newsletter template that we can't wait to show off. What will be in them?

  • links to blogs, news articles relating to women empowerment movements, Uganda, and anything that we think is awesome to share
  • short videos of life in Uganda, AAD,  answering any questions we get, and again anything we think is awesome to share
  • deals, how to's, and some of our best pictures from the month

So if you want to be a part of the newsletters go to this link and be sure to sign up with us!

Weekly Blog Posts

We realize that we have been slacking on keeping everyone informed on life in Uganda. This year one of Sarah's personal goals for AAD is to update the blog regularly. By regularly she means you can expect 4 blog posts a month. So, if you love taking breaks from responding to emails by reading over our stories save this link and be sure to check in once a week.

Purchasing the wife hugger in the month of February

Sarah is flying to Arizona for 1 month to spend time with family and friends on that side of the world, meet with supporters, and hopefully gain a few more donors along the way. Stashed in her suitcase will be some wife huggers. Next Friday before Sarah begins the long flights back to the states she will be posting what sizes and colors are available and anyone in the US will be able to purchase. So, be looking out for that! She has her fancy pens and packing material ready to go and wants DESPERATELY to use them.

AAD'S Teaching Program

If you have a better name for our new program just let us know!

Anyways, what is the AAD Teaching Program?

  • The program is a 6 week training put on by Sandra to teach young women from the Halo youth Corps homes (the organization we share space at the Community Center where Workshop 2.0 is located). With this program Sandra will learn how to explain everything she knows about pattern design, cutting, sewing, and completing projects.  Her dream is to have her own business and we think this is a perfect way to teach her how to lead and grow as a businesswomen and teacher. We hope to launch the program by the end of the month! Wish us luck as we fine tune the curriculum and put it into action. We'll be sure to give weekly updates when its up and running.

So, at the end of February be looking out for a february recap blog and lets see what we can accomplish in this short month.