Happy New Year

2016 is here and we are excited! 

AAD is finally past most of the logistical challenges of the past few years [IRS applications, work permits, etc.]. This year we're looking forward to new adventures and learning experiences. 

In 2016, you can expect to see AAD:

1. in stores

2. hiring new young women

3. introducing our nutritional and financial educational programs to our beneficiaries


1. #50DaysofDeals was a great learning experience for us. We were able to test our manufacturing capability with a group of very understanding buyers. We saw which shirts people liked, which shirts they didn't like. We saw how long it took from order to delivery. We experimented with different delivery options. We learned a lot!

We will continue to occasionally sell our shirts online to individuals, but only when Sarah or I are coming back to the states. The rest of the year, AAD will only be sold in retail stores [hopefully near you]. 

2. Sandra is AAD's sole beneficiary and we are so proud of her and her work and where she is headed in life. That's why we can't wait to find new women to work with. This year our goal is to find three young women for Sandra to help train and work alongside.

3. We have been working with financial experts and nutritionists to create comprehensive programming that will assist our beneficiaries in their future job search and life in general. These programs are finalized and ready to be put into action.