simplicity for 2016

I will try and keep with the name of this post and keep it simple.

2015 was filled with more ups and downs, laughter and tears, and successes and failures than I thought was possible in a one 365 day period. Being in Uganda honestly almost made my head explode a few too many times. But, near the end of the year I finally realized why I was getting so frustrated. Unnecessary steps that make a simple task almost impossible to complete.

I won't go into all of the complex situations that could have been done in one step, but instead took 20 visits, 7 copies, and more patience then I possess. But, it is safe to say that Meg and I both realized that simple is better.

So, with keeping up the trend of simplicity we are going to take away some options and begin again with what started it all. If that kind of sounds counterintuitive listen to Anthony Casalena talk on the Creative Mornings podcast. I feel like it matched perfectly to how AAD is transitioning to be a better and stronger organization.

The Wife Hugger was the original idea and the AAD team has decided that we should go back to our original idea and make it the best Wife Hugger on the market. So good that a Wife Hugger in every color will feel natural hanging from closets and stuffed in drawers, being worn regularly by people that love the concept and the product.

We will still be providing accessories for all of our donors and we will be expanding the simple idea of the Wife Hugger by making options that are longer, more fitted, in more colors, and maybe with a little Kitenge thrown in for a pop of pattern.

We are doing this because after this past year we realized our foundation is still forming and instead of trying to act like a big organization with a big impact we aspire to be eventually we will understand that right now we are small, we are growing, we are learning, and we want to be 100% sure our products are so good that we stand proudly behind them. As proudly as we stand next to Sandra as she learns and completes her final semester. We realize that it is better to make a smaller yet stronger impact at first and slowly expand.  Once we grow (hire more women in July and have all of our overhead costs covered) we will begin to incorporate more designs.

Until then be looking for a Wife Hugger that will be perfect for any occasion and that has evolved to fix all the issues that buyers have brought to our attention.