recap- 25 days down- 25 to go

On September 1st a lot of big changes happened at AAD. We moved to a bigger workshop & our online campaign for US sales began!

To recap the last 25 days here are ALL the pictures we have showcased & deals we have given.


So, far we have sold 16 shirts and have 16 monthly donors! We are getting antsy over here and want to be able to send more free gifts and have to work overtime in Workshop 2.0, so keep the orders coming! Wouldn’t it be great if we could say that we sold at least 50 items and had 50 monthly donors by the end of the 50 days of deals? We only need 34 more items to be sold and 34 more donors! I believe that with how passionate we are we can DEFINITELY reach this goal.   Want to help with that? Go here to donate. 


For the next 25 days we will have some accessory deals [think aprons, lunch bags, scarfs, headbands, etc.]. EVERYTHING will be delivered to you by the end of November, so if you need to do some holiday shopping look here or here for products made in Uganda by women that are fashioning their futures.


Be prepared for us shamelessly posting deals and asking for support for the next 25 days! 


Share with all your friends and family and help us be so exhausted that the day we mail the shirts stateside we will have consumed too much coffee and considered half a dozen times to bring a pillow and blanket to Workshop 2.0 just so we can power nap in between orders.