The Wife Hugger

Not many people know the story behind our shirts. 

AAD wasn't even going to make shirts. We were going to make candles. But due to a series of serendipitous events, we decided on a much better product.

I went back to Uganda in the summer of 2011, a year after my initial trip. This time I was there with a plan. I wanted to look into starting an organization there. 

I had the vision of AAD in my mind: working with young women who had been exploited in order to enable them to receive an education and create their own making candles. 

So there I was running around Kampala, former college roommate in tow, searching for a wax factory, investigating shipping costs and trying to figure out if my plan was even plausible.

Melynne and I waiting at the wax factory in Uganda.

Melynne and I waiting at the wax factory in Uganda.

[FYI Kampala is NOT the manufacturing hub of Africa or even East finding factories was not an easy task]. 

The candle idea seemed to be dying, and my vision for a non-profit with it. 

And then Dani came along. Dani Kreutter was in Uganda as an ambassador of an American charity that oversaw the girls' home I was hoping to work with. We were chatting one day and she mentioned that she had always thought it would be neat to have an organization where you make basic tank tops as the profit generating activity--but it wasn't something she wanted to pursue personally. She had even come up with the name "Wife Hugger". And thus the Wife Hugger was born [just don't say it five times fast!].  

Over the following months, Dani assisted me in finding cute tank top ideas, fabric factories, seamstresses etc. And now, four years down the line, she's the President of our Board in Uganda. 

So now that you know the story behind the shirt, what's the story in front of the shirt? What is the future of the Wife Hugger?

We want the Wife Hugger to be a permanent edition to Acacia Avenue's clothing line. We would like to see it become a staple of every woman's closet [just like the shirt it got its name from].

The really fantastic thing about this shirt is its versatility. It can be dressed up or dressed down. It was also designed in a way that would allow a 100% cotton shirt to be form fitting and flattering. 

We're in love with this shirt and we hope you are too [If you haven't already, you can get one HERE]! Stay tuned for the colors we'll be adding in 2016!