Today. 10 August 2015. Marks the last first day of a new academic year for Sandra. 

This time next year Sandra will have a Diploma in Fashion Design and will be working 100% towards her dreams of making her own line, so look out for 'Wookuri Designs' in the near future. 

*The above picture is Sandra modeling one assignment from last semester [hand printed & sewn]*

While at the workshop this last week in between fixing patterns and getting bank slips to pay school fees we talked about her thoughts about starting school.

*disclaimer: In all honesty, school is NOT Sandra's favorite activity. She understands the importance of an education and is grateful for the opportunity, but if she could somehow get a degree just doing life and proving that she learned the skills without sitting in class she would be much happier [& if anyone could do school like that and still be top of her class it would be Sandra] . That being said, I asked her if she was excited. Her response;

"Yeah. This means I am almost done. I just have 1 more semester".

I quickly corrected that  she had 2 semesters left, and she said "But, once I start this semester I will only have 1 more". "It makes it seem like less". 

This sassy way of thinking about school put a smile on my face. 

No matter which way you want to consider length of time, school fees must be paid. So, today, on 10 August 2015 I stood in a bank queue for over an hour to deposit 824,500 ugandan shillings to cover this semesters tuition. The dollar equivalent [based on today’s exchange rate] is around 233 USD.

Here is a little math that I figured out while waiting to pay school fees. 

To cover tuition for 1 semester for 1 beneficiary we just need;

24 people donating 10 dollars a month. 


a little more than 9 people to donate 25 dollars a month.


almost 5 people to donate 50 dollars a month.


34 shirts to be bought. [mark your calendars for 1 September 2015 to own a shirt; more details to follow]

Of course my brain could not figure out the mix of donation amounts that would get the same results [fighting to keep my spot in the queue was much more important to me then determining ALL the possibilities].

Right now we have 12 supporters that donations went to cover tuition for Sandra and her housing and food stipend and we are UNBELIEVABLY GRATEFUL. Maybe you want to become a donor for housing? workshop rent? salaries? tuition for her final semester? tuition for a future young women? 

Really, the possibilities are endless. If you feel compelled to fashion some futures with AAD click here to do a one time donation or be a monthly donor and get handmade goodies from our Uganda Team. Make sure to write us a note about what you want to see your money go towards to make ALL of our dreams come true.