guest blogger: Yi Yi 'Taking a Walk Around the Neighbourhood'

The morning was spent exploring the neighbourhood of the house that I am staying in for the three weeks that I have been in Kampala. The area is called Nsambya Kirombe and one walks on dirt streets to get around (thank you Birkenstocks!)

We made our way to a woman called Betty who Sarah buys her vegetables from. She owns a small street stall a few minutes walk away from us. After buying a shopping bag worth of vegetables to last us for the next few days, we went on the hunt for a Rolex stand. The search for an open stand ended up taking us in a full circle (at least it felt like it) around the neighbourhood, which was fine by me.

It is insane how a 30-minute walk can show you so much around a neighbourhood and how a neighbourhood can change in just one turn of a corner. I'm going to miss this crazy place.

Yi Yi