guest blogger: Yi Yi 'My First Photoshoot!'

Today was the day I had my first photoshoot. As a photographer. (Not that I had any modelling jobs in the past.) Claire asked if I could take some photos for her in anticipation of her store's grand opening on Sunday. We went back to Ashiana Restaurant for the photoshoot, as the model would be wearing clothes that would be selling in the Papple Trees store, including AAD shirts!

I was lucky to be able to work with two incredible models, Sharon and Mungu for the shoot. They were incredibly encouraging and knew how to work their model poses, making it so much easier for me. The restaurant was thankfully empty in the morning, sans for the employees, so we were able to utilise the whole location for the shoot.

Sharon and Mungu.

Sharon and Mungu.

Some lessons that I learnt today:

  1. Direction is oh so crucial, especially when you’re working with a kid. The differences between Sharon and Mungu modelling struck me immediately. Having no modelling photography experience (unless you include the various ‘photoshoots’ that my friends put me through when travelling in Europe), I was expecting the model to just stand there and pose, and I would snap away. Though Mungu, a professional model, did just that, Sharon needed a little more encouragement.
  2. Lighting lighting lighting is everything. We went from indoor to outdoor to outdoor (but in the shade), and 
  3. There are millions of poses that a model can do, whether she’s focusing on her shirt, skirt, hat, bag or jewellery. Take note of which one she’s showing off, especially when different designers were involved in each item.
  4. I would not survive a day in the fashion industry.
Here’s what the store looks like right now but I guarantee that it will look completely different in a few days!

Here’s what the store looks like right now but I guarantee that it will look completely different in a few days!

With the grand opening on Sunday, Claire spent the day organising the layout of the store and figuring out where all the dresses, shirts, skirts, hats, shoes, bags, jewellery and artwork should go. If you’re in Kampala on Sunday, I’d highly recommend that you drop by the store! You’ll definitely find something to your liking, or your mother/sister/daughter/cousin/grandmother’s liking, there! If not, I’ll try to take as many photos as I can so that you feel as if you were walking through the store and browsing yourself.

And I leave you now, as I need to sift through the 1000s of photos from today. But I will leave you with a sneak preview (to leave you hanging for more).

Yi Yi