tourist for a day

Living in Uganda I am constantly bickering with bodas and strangers on the street that I am NOT a tourist and they cannot give me tourist prices. But, sometimes, I have to swallow my pride, so I can just be a tourist for a day.

Saturday was that day. 

Emily and I headed to Masaka to see the Equator. A 2.5 hour ride on public transport. We snapped a few pictures, ate at the small "Equator Restaurant" and perused all of the little shops selling souvenirs.

Then we stood on the side of the road until a matatu [van that fits 14 people that is used as public transport] pulled over to squeeze us in. 

The trip was not the MOST interesting and the view wasn't the BEST I've seen in the Uganda. But, seeing the equator and documenting that I was on the North and South Hemisphere at the same time was definitely still a must.