I am officially back on Ugandan soil.

Woke up at 5am wide awake and now I am struggling at 12:30pm to keep it together for the rest of the day.

Do you ever wonder if life will feel different once you return to a place you have been lucky to call home?

I had those same concerns. And I'm here to tell you. In 6 weeks not much has changed [except that I'm 15 lbs heavier because of the massive cheese consumption of being stateside and its rainy season].

Stepping off of my final plane after running through airports to make connecting flights and sleeping in weird ways on those flights I was hit by the smell of Uganda. Thankfully the smell isn't gross. Its just Uganda. The smell of moist dirt and something that I can't place. I didn't even realize home had a scent until it hit me on my way into the airport and through customs.

Things that haven't changed in the 6 weeks that I've been gone include;

  • Obtaining a VISA being ridiculously difficult [ for my second day in the country you will find me at the immigration office]
  • Time being run a little slower  [flight taking an hour longer than usual, totally expected]
  • Boda running out of gas on way to destination [yay! for the tried and true technique of putting your boda on its side and shaking to get a little more gas fumes, thus being able to make it to a fuel station]
  • Internet being spotty    

& last but not least...

  • running out of airtime

So, thankfully it feels like I never left. 

I'll leave you all with the hashtag that sums up everything