With 1.5 weeks left in Tucson, Arizona I enlisted a good friend of mine to accompany me on "Tucsonian tasks". Navigate downtown traffic, find parking (which was quite an ordeal), and hunt down FedbyThreads, a company that is determined to revitalize the "dirty-T" [yes that is an actual term that is lovingly said by residents and not just made up].

Check them out at http://fedbythreads.com.

My mission was to talk to the founder about what he looks for in organizations, so that he is willing to sell their product. AAD is not his target, since he and co-founder Jade sell products that are Made in the USA out of sustainable, environmentally friendly, people friendly materials. 

Even though FedbyThreads will not be selling our stock of Made in Uganda shirts, they are the type of company we are targeting. A company that believes in the power of people and goodness. Believes in body positivity. Believes in making a continuous effort to change the world for the better. 

They believe in the power of a strong vision, quality product, and knowing where everything has come from (yay no child labor!).

Alok's advice [paraphrased since I cannot remember it word for word] was "Go to boutiques with a strong mission and purpose and have a quality product. We stop carrying inventory if it falls apart after one wash, because it makes everyone look bad, even if the vision is solid". 


So, FedbyThreads may never carry Acacia Avenue Designs product, but we are still so lucky that we got a chance to talk to a founder about what they look for in an organization and see how other people are positively impacting the world.

We are on the right track. We of course have glitches that we are fixing and as a small team we are constantly learning and growing. It was amazing to see the types of stores we will hopefully be in sooner rather than later.

While I was there with my friend browsing and talking to Alok I heard countless times him compliment shoppers, smile, and hold genuine conversations. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me Alok! I will see you in a year.