walden grove high school

Stepping onto Walden Grove High School's campus made my hands instantly clammy. I felt like the 14 year old girl stepping off the big yellow school bus, not exactly sure what she was doing in life. 

Thankfully, I had just finished watching this youtube video. I could remember where I used to stand when I was a high school student  and how my voice quaked while I tried giving my thoughts on social matters. Now I'm 24, Country Director for AAD in Uganda, and still believe in the power of dreams. 

This video was a reminder of how much a group of passionate, optimistic, young people can do. They manage to stand up against all odds and prove to the world over and over again that they might seem like naive individuals, but they make big things happen.

Acacia Avenue Designs is beyond thankful for Walden Grove's service club that agrees that women empowerment and creating social and economic change in Uganda and throughout the world is extremely important. We as a team are starting with Barbara and Sandra and are determined to expand with the help of Mrs. Gypton's service club. 

I cannot stress enough how inspirational this group of students are. They meet twice a week during their lunch period to create a Be Kind week of 1000 tasks to make their campus kinder. They use kitenge to make lanyards, headbands, and bracelets to spread the word on their campus and assist AAD, They discuss history, plan service trips, and encourage each other. 

So, thank you Walden Grove Service Club for allowing me to tell you a little about Uganda. I am prepared to pick you up from Entebbe airport whenever that day comes. You all are an inspiration. Follow your dreams and let's positively impact the world!