Its 8am and the rain has altered every single one of Sandra and my work adventures. So instead of getting stressed and frustrated that 9 times out of 10 a plan will not happen in the way it was imagined, we are going to roll with it and listen to some of our all time favorite rainy day songs.

So, if you need to pretend its a rainy day, or if its actually storming wherever you are, here you go.

*Disclaimer: None of these songs actually relate to rain. They are just the songs we personally gravitate too in the wee hours of the morning and while the thunder cracks outside. 

with love and warm thoughts,

-The AAD Team in Uganda

P.S. If you have an even BETTER rainy day song, or just a song you want us to play in our workshop while we work, send it along to us! We LOVE any reason to dance and sing.