forgot a gift? we can help.

Meg Nelson is in the United States...YAY! [a special blog post will be posted soon about that]

So, if you bought an AAD original be prepared for packages appearing on your porches!

For everyone else that thought about buying a shirt found here, but then life got hectic and it slipped your mind there STILL is an opportunity. We at AAD shipped some extras, so if you still want to buy some of the stock Meg brought with her to the U.S. you still can!

Here is the EXTRA stock: 

Wife Hugger

  • 5 small black
  • 5 medium black
  • 1 large black
  • 6 small royal blue
  • 4 medium royal blue


  • 5 small black
  • 1 medium black
  • 1 large black
  • 1 small cyan blue
  • 1 large cyan blue


  • 1 small black
  • 1 small cyan blue
  • 1 medium cyan blue

Unfortunately, we don't have extra stock of accessories on American soil. I will be traveling to the United States for 1 month in February, so if you would like to purchase an item that we don't have extras of I would  be SO EXCITED to fill my suitcase with 100% Made in Uganda goodies.

So, check out our extra stock and be looking out for 2 new blog posts [1 about Meg's journey and 1 about acquiring skills in regards to shipping packages] <-- I never knew it was a skill either, until living in Uganda.