we're going global.

The process has begun to become an international NGO. AAD is currently a non-profit in the United States. We were founded in 2012 and got our Non-profit 501(c) 3 Status in August 2013.  Meg and I were discussing the US process, which was easy-peasy compared to the process in Uganda.

Here's a glimpse into the long process in Kampala, Uganda.

It started with the country director making their way down to the ‘Ministry of Internal Affairs- The National NGO Board’. Then Form ‘A’ is grabbed and a brochure explaining the requirements for applying to become an international NGO.

After completing part 1 of the process (going to the office and retrieving the brochure and form) the person I (the country director)  rushed home to skype Meg to go through all 21 bullet points.

21 bullet points doesn’t seem like a terribly long to do list, but once you start breaking it down it gets exponentially harder.

We have good news though!

1 bullet point has been completed. A valid name has been reserved from Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB). 23,800 ugandan shillings and 2 hours later ‘Acacia Avenue Designs’ has been reserved for 30 days starting 22, September 2014.  We now have 27 full days left to get 20 bullet points completed and submitted to the National NGO Board.

So, now starts the rest of the process...

Our Executive Director (Meg) has graciously agreed to complete 4 of our bullet points, which is compiling our work plan, itemized budget, organizational chart, and 2 memos of understanding between donors and Line Ministy in Uganda.


1 more bullet point will hopefully be completed tomorrow. I say hopefully because it’s a time consuming, meeting filled, searching filled, letter writing day. The task is to get recommendations from local council members. This means that starting in the morning I will begin boda-ing around Mengo asking people if they know where local council member 1 (LC1) lives. I will wait for him/her to meet with me, explain our NGO, explain why we need his/her recommendation, have the letter written up, printed, and stamped. Then I will repeat the process with the LC2, LC3, LC4, and RDC (regional district council member).

So, 6 bullet points have been talked about so far. 

Then, all 5 board members, the executive director, and the country director have to complete 4 bullet points (certificate of good conduct/no criminal record from the Police of their country, certified copies of academic documents, curriculum vitae, and photocopies of immigration status).

10 bullet points have been mentioned in just this blog post.

So, just imagine that there are 11 more that have to be completed. These next 27 days will be fast paced and filled with activity! Wish us luck while we apply to become an international NGO.

Be prepared for interesting stories that are bound to come as well.

P.S. This blog post is lacking on the photos, because paperwork isn't the prettiest thing to document and upload to a blog.  Hopefully with the interesting stories that occur in the next 27 I will have equally as interesting photos to post!