MTN- 10k

20,000 people gathered on a rainy Sunday morning to run.

The atmosphere was crackling with excitement [and extremely loud music blasting from speakers].

20,000 people sporting yellow on race day!

20,000 people sporting yellow on race day!

 Even though the morning was overcast and gray, it seemed that the Sun had decided to shine through all the bright yellow.  People became a walking advertisement for MTN in their yellow visors, yellow MTN shirts, and yellow armbands. They were holding yellow water bottles. Some even had yellow knapsacks on their backs that originally held all of the goodies we received for 20,000 shillings [~7 USD].

No one seemed to notice that it had begun to drizzle. It didn’t look like the sky was going to clear up anytime soon. Actually, it looked as if we might get caught in a downpour instead.

Getting caught in rain for MTN’s ‘Run for Water’ campaign felt right (and cold).

10k in a rainstorm. We did it!

10k in a rainstorm. We did it!

We gathered anxiously at the start to complete one of the 3 options (the full marathon, half marathon, or 10k). 

I am proud to announce that we did it!

We completed a 10k.

Not only am I stoked that I completed my first ever 10k. I managed to complete my first 10k while in the Pearl of Africa, participating in a tradition that Uganda has with 20,000 other residences with two amazing friends by my side. 

The MTN marathon is a perfect example for what drew AAD to Uganda.

The excitement. The passion that the community has in Uganda. The fact that 20,000 people from all walks of life willingly run together towards the same end goal.

Join us as we run into the future!