The 100 Happy Days Challenge was completed on instagram (sarah_isms) on the 3rd of October, 2014. It was completed on twitter (AAveDesigns) on the 5th of October, 2014. Is it bad to say I'm happy the #100happydays is done? 

Don't get me wrong. The challenge is a great idea. It really did make me stop and see the little and the big moments of happiness in every day. But, being in Uganda doesn't always make posting to social media easy. Who knew that instagram only let you post instantly from your phone? Good idea instagram, except when you have to go buy airtime from a little shop and convert it to data to get internet on your phone, or you have to make your way to a restaurant with free (slow) wifi. 

Then there are the inevitable power outages, which prevent charging electronics from happening. Power outages are one of the reasons I had some #latergrams.

 Also, sometimes the greatest moment would happen and I had a dilemma in my mind on if I should stop and try and document it or just enjoy the moment.

Should I bring my phone to the Shaggy concert and risk it being stolen? No thank you. 

The major plus from the #100happydays is that I know can go back and see what has happened in the past 100 days. Just today I was scrolling through my instagram and picking out my favorite moments/days. In 100 days a lot has changed.

I have met some of the most amazing people in Kampala and have promptly  had multiple days spending time with those same good friends, before I had to say goodbye. I watched both of our beneficiaries receive bank accounts/cards (which is a major feat). I have had 100 days of watching our beneficiaries grow and learn.  I created a Uganda Bucket List and have already gone on adventures to mark tasks off ( trip to Gulu, kayaking, Wonder World, etc.)  Meg and I have begun the process of applying to be an international NGO. I have documented boda rides that make me feel like I'm racing and let me see Uganda in a whole new way. 

So, yes. Lack of consistent and cheap internet is obnoxious. Yes, I didn't document every single happy moment. But, I learned to take a step back and realize that even if I have sat and waited for 5 hours for someone to show up for a meeting something good can still happen in that same day (I got a lesson in Luganda in that specific instance). 

Will I continue #100daysofhappiness? Probably not. Will I try to always pick out happy moments in a day? Definitely. Will I continue to instagram and tweet? Of course, but  it will be based off of when I feel like posting, not just because I need to do a post a day.

So, thank you to everyone following the #100happydays for AAD. I'm glad I did it. We will continue to post about the exciting, "happy" events that happen in regards to the company and living in Uganda, they just won't have the hashtag associated with it.  Also, feel free to follow the links at the beginning of this post to check out the 100  I made on twitter and instagram (I tried to do a different one for each, every day, but alas some are the same happiness).