status renewal

So, I don't know if anyone remembers the hell that happened last year when it came to registering AAD as an international NGO. 10 solid months of annoyances, tears, shouts, notaries, and more dead trees that I would care to think about (too much paper is required for registration).

Lucky us! The time is upon us again. Even though we received our official status paperwork in July it had backdated us as an international NGO on the 4th of June 2015 in Uganda. Now it is the 10th of May 2016 and I have scoured the internet, shuffled my way to the NGO board office and have acquired the list of requirements for the renewal process.

The list is as follows:

1.    Application for Renewal Letter
2.    A filled in Form ‘A’
3. A recommendation letter from the Resident District Commissioner from the area they were operating in to confirm their operations.
4.    Annual Report
5.    Financial Report (Audited Accounts)
6.    Minutes of Annual General Meeting, plus the attendance signed by all people present.
7.    A Work Plan and an itemized budget.

& a fee for renewal

All I can say is THANK GOODNESS the list only has 7.5 steps.

If 64 additional steps seem to appear (like they have a surprising way of doing every time you try and submit a form) you will find me shaking on the streets of Kampala like a scared Chihuahua with the amount of frustrations I will be attempting to keep inside my body. If you are lucky enough to see me in that state, please take me to a coffee shop, buy me a large sugary iced coffee beverage and remind me that Uganda is beautiful and filled with kind people and I love calling this place my home.

Here's a few pictures of the beautiful areas in Uganda for my future reference if those 64 extra tasks really do appear.

Featured is Kampala seen from the B'hai Temple, Mabira Forest, and Mpigi Town.


So, with that said, wish us lucky as we start the process of renewal. If you have any tips or tricks for not losing your cool in frustrating situations please send them my way!