the team- our personalities

I admit personality tests are not 100% scientific or accurate. But, they are fun and interesting and lead to some great discussions. If you want to find out your personality first through the same site we used go HERE

Now on to our blurbs. We are showcasing our team of 1 fashion designer, 1 executive director, 2 volunteers,and 1 country director. We (really me) hopes that this will continue to be an activity we take part in, because we (again mostly me) loves getting to know people and see how our team functions both as separate entities and how we would act if we so happened to all be in the same city one day. Also, I'm a bit nosy, so it fulfills my need to learn as many details as possible.  So, read on and I hope this helps you get to know our team a tad bit better!

Sandra “The Architect” INTJ

This is the woman behind every Wife Hugger, which fits perfectly with being “The Architect” as her personality type. She is confident, independent and demands respect. Once she gains your respect and trust she is a strong asset to the team, but you must work hard to show her respect and prove yourself to be a strong leader and partner. Titles mean nothing to her and she refuses to do tasks that she thinks are not efficient. This can sometimes end in missed steps that other people on the team catch. With a solid explanation, Sandra is more then willing to do anything that is necessary, including fixing missed steps. She just has to know the WHY behind it or her stubborn side will come out and she will demand an explanation. She loves to learn and be skilled in many different avenues. Her passion is fashion design, so while she is completing Wife Huggers she can also be found moving around town learning how to make shoes, creating designs for cocktail dresses, and having ideas for little tweaks she can make on AAD products. This Architect is going places and knows it and we are so glad she is on the team building her skills as she achieves her goals.

Meg “The Mediator” INFP

This is the woman who started it all. The founder and executive director of AAD, she came up with a big goal that she is passionate about and has stuck behind it since 2012. 16personalities said it best with she is “able to connect many far flung dots into a single theme”. Because she is such a big picture thinker, she sometimes needs to be reminded of day-to-day tasks to accomplish the future goal. She is reserved and private, but once you break in and show your big dreams she would love to discuss and plan ways to change things positively in a big way. She is introverted, so she needs time to withdraw, regroup, and then enter into conversations on her own terms. When she makes a plan to talk, she is democratic, flexible, and makes sure every voice is heard and feels empowered. She loves to allow people to run with their ideas and just reach out and ask for assistance when needed. Micromanagement just doesn’t exist with her. Being “The Mediator” and the one with the big idea to start AAD, she is perfect in her role of allowing the team to execute and add their own valuable insights. She helps to connect each of us together and focuses us on the primary vision, while still allowing us to achieve it our way.

Kate “The Commander” ENTJ

This is the woman that takes big goals and merges them into details and all the analytics that some of our big time dreamers sometimes forget. She is constantly seeking out new challenges and responsibilities, is always organized, and brings efficiency, the ability to see all the little details and make sure they don’t fall out of focus, while still seeing the end goal. She handles our newsletter and assists with the reports that need to be done. She likes to think strategy and always has a well thought out plan. Whenever a task is done it is done with precision and with great thought. She helps to keep all the team members in check with her strong leadership skills while also believing in the big picture.

Mikayla “The Advocate” INFJ

This is the woman who takes the cake for creativity. She has 60 million ideas to improve the lives of everyone, is extremely determined and passionate, and is a perfectionist. She is like our founder in that she is private and likes to stand behind her ideas and focus on the major goal. She handles our Instagram and assists with the sale of Wife Huggers on the West Coast. She is extremely loyal and just requires her input to be valued and to be given the free reign to test out her ideas. She inspires us daily with her outlook on what AAD can achieve. She is sensitive and feels all of the good and the bad that come from trying to make big changes and work on a team. With communication and encouragement her perfectionist nature comes out and she is one of the major reasons behind our social mediums improving and showcasing our organizations dreams, goals, and achievements.

Sarah “The Campaigner” ENFP

This is the woman who is residing in Uganda as the Country Director. She excels off of being on a team and loves to be the listening ear, checking in on other team members, and making sure everyone and everything is fitting and working well together. She can easily be stressed and is sensitive, which leads to over thinking other team member's happiness. Since she lives for good communication, she keeps in contact with all team members to ensure that everyone is pursuing their best role. Through communication with all team members she is able to remain more grounded and complete administrative tasks for the US and Uganda side. She loves completing tasks, but sometimes gets sidetracked with interesting conversations and new ideas being brought to the table by all other team members. She is privileged to see a different perspective from being on the ground in Uganda and gets to share those insights with the US and then give feedback and the US side insight back to the Uganda side. She is independent and curious which makes being the on-the-ground person in Uganda the perfect position, especially when having a strong team that can see the tiny details and share their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and strategies to improve the work in the organization and grow in the most positive direction.