podcast recommendations

The founder and I try to Skype weekly. We do this, because it seems like ideas flow faster and miscommunications are avoided less when we can hear each others voice. Skype also makes it feel more like a coffee date (especially when my internet isn't working and I head to a coffee shop). Through our "dates" we have discovered one MAJOR thing.

We BOTH listen to podcasts to gain inspiration, perspective, and just to learn something new that we didn't even know we wanted to know. So, once we figured out that mutual interest we decided to share with everyone that might be looking for a podcast to either start their fall into the rabbit hole of the podcast world, or just if they accidentally binged all the seasons of their favorites and need some more.

These are NOT in any particular order, but we have included a little blurb of WHY we love these podcasts and in some have included 1 or 2 episodes that were our all time faves!

StartUp Podcast: This podcast has kind of become my lifeline. It follows new businesses from inception through to either success or failure. And while AAD isn’t a for-profit business, it is still a business…we just use different words (donors instead of investors, fundraising instead of startup capital, etc). It has provided clarity about marketing, advertising, customer relations and more. My degree is in social work so all of these areas of business can sometimes feel like a foreign language to me. This podcast simplifies it all. And the aspect of the podcast that has really been a game changer for me is hearing other people’s struggles and emotions and ups and downs. It’s encouraging to know that this isn’t easy for anyone, but if you keep chugging along good things can and will happen. The second season really hit home for me because it followed two young, female co-founders. Episode 4 brought about some major revelations for me

Mystery Show: Because who doesn’t need to know how tall Jake Gyllenhaal really is. The premise of this show is that the host will investigate any mystery, no matter how mundane—and she manages to make it unmundane. I think my favorite part is just how inquisitive the host is. It inspires me. We should all question everything, want to learn more about anything, and throw ourselves into life and understanding it. Case #2 and Case #5 are definitely my favorite so far. 

Creative Mornings: This one is super inspirational about people doing awesome things in different careers. From children book writers to a person that creates fonts, rappers, artists, and political advocates. I listen to it when I need inspiration. And lets be honest, sometimes I need some inspiration just to put pants on and leave the house to run an errand. Each talk has a theme [freedom, language, chance, etc ] and the speaker can talk about whatever they want with that theme. How they make everything relevant to me I will never know, but they do, and its great!  I listened to the whole first season and loved every one. And now I'm on season two. Also, season 2 has a rooster call that listeners send in from all around the world. How awesome is that? I HATE roosters waking me up, but people trying to reenact animal noises is one of my favorites!

Reply All: This is just a fun, once-a-week podcast about all things internet. That probably sounds boring to a lot of people—like it did to me—but it’s so not! They essentially discuss how different aspects of life interact with the internet, whether it’s religion, race, drugs, gender…the list goes on and on. It’s funny and insightful—every single time. I always feel like I’ve learned something valuable, even if it’s just something small. Episode 6 will make you die laughing and Episode 8 will just make you really happy.

Serial: The first season is about an intriguing criminal case that is now being tried again. Season 2 is about a soldier that walked off his post in Afghanistan and was captured. Season 1 was in my opinion more riveting then the second and felt more factual and less about the feelings that come with a story that is breaking while it is being talked about on a podcast.

Healthynomics: I've only listened to episode 24, which is Tina Muir being interviewed. This elite runner talks about diet, health, how she had a panic attack while running a race, and about it not being fun all the time. Which was really helpful for me personally to know that an elite runner that is known for being amazing at a trade can still find it difficult.

Criminal: These are short 20 minute podcasts. I listen to it when I know I'll be distracted easily cause it keeps your attention, but anytime you will be bored it's over and starting a new one. Also, it seems to be a more lighthearted approach to law and how it works in society.

Hidden Brain:  This is my go to when I want to learn something new that I didn't even know I wanted to know. This podcast points out patterns in human behavior and answers questions about fear, productivity, love, selfishness, terrorism, boredom, and really any topic you could think about. The ones I listened to that made me look with a new perspective was Episode 13: Terrorism, Episode 23: Boredom & Episode 25: Dream Jobs.

Science Vs: This podcast is pretty new so there aren’t many episodes available, but I’m super excited for the rest to be released. It’s hosted by this hard-hitting Australian journalist. She’s wants the real answers for those issues that we seem to always be debating and that people get so passionate about. She looks purely at facts and looks at issues from all sides. They’ve discussed attachment parenting, gun control and fracking so far. I loved all of them. I feel like it’s an easy way for me to stay informed and smart without spending endless hours reading articles on the topics.

So, check them out. Tell us what you think. Give us more suggestions, and don't be frightened if you get stuck in a conversation with us, because you brought up one of the episodes that really made us think.

Happy Listening!