no power

On Thursday night the lights began to flicker. On-off-on-off-on-off for a few minutes-flicker on, and back off. After about 30 minutes of the dance club feel our guard knocked on the door and exclaimed "The house has sparks".

He said it perfectly. The electrical wire connecting to the box on the side of the house that gives us power was sending sparks all around the side of our yard. A scary version of fireworks. Emily being the most adult one when it comes to house issues went to our circuit breaker and shut off our power. Then we attempted to call Umeme over 15 times throughout the night, but our calls never went through.

Then in the morning Aida, another housemate tried calling and got through. The entire Friday was spent with us waiting, calling, and explaining directions to Umeme workers.

They never did end up coming.

Friday night was spent sitting in a hallway with candles and headlamps and all of the housemates together. There is always a silver lining and that was it.

Now it is Saturday afternoon and I am sitting at a coffee shop charging all the electronic devices I own and then I will head home, so that everyone else in the house can do the same.

I appreciate the bonding over candlelight, but I am also grateful this is not a typical weekend in Kampala. Fingers crossed today's the day our power line gets fixed! Until then, here's a picture of last nights mini charging session and today's charging session (not pictured- the 7 items charging).