boda prices

Here is a quick list of average bodaboda *prices to get to a few key places, so you can avoid getting ripped off and won't struggle so much in the haggling game. This will be updated & eventually be made into an easier to read format, so if you have any suggestions or prices for specific areas, please comment. Most places start from Muyenga, because of where I personally reside.

Muyenga (near Italian Supermarket) --> Nsambya side - 2,000 shillings

 Muyenga, Nsambya or Kansanga --> Acacia Mall/ Kisimenti/Kololo (where you will find Bistro, Endiro, the Century Cinemax Theatre, etc.) - 5,000 shillings

Most anywhere in Kololo/Kisimenti --> Nakasero or center of town - 2,000 shillings

Lugogo (Game) & Naguru area --> Kololo/Kisimenti area- 2,000 shillings

Muyenga, Nsambya, or Kansanga area --> center of town (Old Taxi park) - 3,000 shillings

Garden City -> American Embassy area (Muyenga, Nsambya, or Kansanga) - 3,000 shillings

Muyenga, Nsambya, or Kansanga --> Mengo Town/Rubaga -5,000 shillings

Muyenga or Kansanga --> Lungujja/Kosovo - 7,000 shillings

Nsambya --> Lungujja/Kosovo - 6,000 shillings

Muyenga --> Bugolobi (Village Mall [there's FRO YO in there] , Fine Spinners, trading center) - 3,000 shillings

Nsambya --> Bugolobi (Village Mall [there's FRO YO in there] , Fine Spinners, trading center) - 4,000 shillings

Bugolobi --> Kololo, Lugogo, the immigration office & Prunes - 2,000 UGX

*Prices vary slightly when doing multiple stops, making a boda wait for you, or having a boda run errands for you instead of you going with them

Multiple stops -

If the stops are very close together or along the way to the final destination (an ATM withdrawal stop along the way) you don't need to add extra.

If the stops require 15 minutes more of waiting add 1,000 - 2,000 shillings to final price. (You travel from Muyenga -> the bank along the way to pay the water bill and it takes 30 minutes -> Lungujja for your final destination = 8,000-9,000 shillings)

If their are multiple stops all across town and it takes a few hours/half the day pay ~ 20,000-50,000 shillings, because you are the majority of their business for that day. Be aware of how much time you are taking and be fair. If it is 2 hours you DO NOT need to pay any more then 20,000 shillings, but if you have them running around town for 5 hours or more maybe consider giving them 50,000 shillings for their time and effort. They saved you so much hassle from trying to get a boda at every stop along your way.

Boda running errands- Pay for the the first leg of trip if they are just dropping something off. If they are returning something to you after you have sent them on the errand pay the round trip (like you were on it both directions).