Bought a shirt?

Donated to cover one of the needs?

Here's your impact...


The price of a shirt @ Papple Trees is to provide:

  • 30% to have the product in store
  • 46% for supplies [thread, machines, 100% ugandan fabric, salary for employee]
  • 24% to educate employee in vocational school, provide food stipend, provide housing, provide personal development programs 

The more shirts you buy, the stronger your impact. 

Our largest order to date is 26 shirts, ordered directly from the website. This means that...

  • $$$ paid for ___ months of rent
  • $$$ paid for ___ months of salary
  • $$$ paid for ___ % of tuition for one semester
  • $$$ paid for  ___ meals

{maybe put the Tetris Africa here to show how much more of an impact we need, but how much we have accomplished so far}

Want to spend your money to provide for education, food, housing, personal development, or any need specifically? Click here.

Want to buy a shirt directly from AAD to be delivered to you by our Country Director in Uganda?

Want to buy a shirt to be mailed to another country in the world?

Click here to purchase and let us know where.

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