the treacherous thursday road

An hour ago a housemate and me hopped aboard two bodas to make it across town. What we thought was going to be a normal, uneventful boda ride to our favorite internet spot turned into one unusual event after another.

1st a large truck that was right behind me and right in front of Larissa had its brakes go out right at a turn in the road. Right behind me I could hear yelling, screeching, crashing, and to my right I witnessed this large truck turning haphazardly into oncoming traffic, attempt to make it up a hill and start rolling back instantly. Where the truck had just been I saw a single boda mirror in the center of the road. Since I didn't see Larissa right behind me I imagined the worst.

Finding her safe and sound we continued on. That's when road construction became a nightmare. We snaked down a road and were accosted by a truck spraying water on the road to prepare for tarmac. My right side was sprayed with loads of water while a man hung outside of the window of the truck yelling "I'm sorry. So sorry!" After that we tried going the normal route, but bulldozers were blocking our way so, we backtracked and ended up driving down the wrong side of the road for over 20 minutes.

Finally I am snug in a booth at my favorite internet cafe sipping on an iced coffee. I am determined not to leave this spot until all of the traffic has gone down and the construction workers have packed up and headed up.